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For the last 15 years we have been providing the highest water damage restoration to the tri-state residents . 24/7 , 45 min response . call now

The company was established in New York in 1990 . our goal has always been to provide the highest water damage restoration services to the tri-state area . The following are our 10 steps for dealing with emergency water damage situation :

Steps to Act Immediately on Water Damage Situation

Suffering from a water damage situation? No problem; we are here to help. We are one of the leading water damage repair and restoration services providers, and can instantly help you deal with the situation. We can conduct the task properly, and we assure you, you would not have any complaints from us. So how do we ascertain that we meet your every need? Simple enough; we have a very comprehensive program that comprises of 10 steps to act immediately on water damage situation. Following through this process ensures that we provide a timely and effective solution. Here are the 10 steps to act immediately on water damage situation.

1.Water Mitigation This is the first part of our 10 steps to act immediately on water damage situation program. We use the latest tools and equipment to extract water from all possible places. This is done both at the surface and from within the internal structure so that excessive water is thoroughly removed.

2.The De-humidification and Drying Process We use technologically advanced dehumidifiers for drying purposes. Our tools comprise of infrared cameras and detectors which ensure complete drying and a moisture free environment.

3.Pack Out Services As soon as we arrive at the site, we store all your items and ship them off to our unit. So whether it is your appliance or your crystal that got damaged, we can clean it and store it to its original condition with our state of the art facilities.

4.Content Cleaning We examine each of your damaged items individually and determine appropriate cleaning methods. Our cleaning plant comprises of different sections such as ultrasonic cleaning, electronics cleaning, upholstery cleaning and dry cleaning. All items are taken to suitable areas, and cleaned thoroughly.
5.Mold Redemption Increased moisture increases the chance of mold growth. As such, we inspect the site and determine all contaminated areas. Using negative air pressure and HEPA scrubbers, all mold spores are removed and killed.

6.Temporary Power Supply We are aware that a water damage situation may lead to power loss. If this is the case, you have nothing to worry because we have backup supplies. Until we have restored the site, our generators will provide you with constant power.

7.Debris Removal An intensive water damage situation can result in debris in the form of saturated drywalls and warped hardwood floors. We remove all of this, examine it thoroughly, and restore items if possible.

8.Document Drying We use advanced techniques to dry your precious paper documents, and even restore them should the need arise.

9.Odor Elimination A humid environment often results in an unbearable odor. We remove this with advanced techniques that make use of air scrubbers, thermal fog, hydroxyl and other microbiological solutions.

10.Reconstruction We employ reconstruction services during the last phase of our water damage program. Our qualified crew can easily reconstruct the building and put it back in its original condition.

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